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Is the Writing Lab hiring?

We are currently hiring for Fall Semester 2024. Our writing advisors meet with students in personalized settings to assist them in becoming better writers in the social sciences by helping them create strong, well-organized, thesis-driven papers. Basic qualifications include the following:

  • Pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree or minor in the social sciences
  • Completion of an advanced writing course (POLI 200, PSYCH 307, SFL 315, HIST 200, etc.) by the start of Fall 2024
  • Available to work a minimum of 12 hours a week
  • Able to work two or more semesters

To apply, please fill out this form:

What is involved in a visit to the Writing Lab?

Appointments in the Writing Lab are 20-30 minute conversations with an advisor about the student's writing. The student and advisor will read through the paper together, and the advisor will answer any questions the student has. They will work together to strengthen the paper and the student's skills as a writer. The student and the tutor may discuss any aspect of the assignment at any point in the writing process depending upon the needs and desires of the student.

What kind of writing can I bring to the Writing Lab?

Students taking courses in the College of Family Home and Social Sciences can bring any sort of writing to the Writing Lab. We refer students with writing from other colleges to the University Writing Center in the HBLL.

What should I bring when I come to the FHSS Writing Lab?

To make the most of their visit to the Writing Lab, we ask that students come prepared with a copy of the assignment (in any stage), and an idea of what we can do to help.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, students may walk in, call us, or reserve a time online. We are open from 9 AM-5 PM Monday through Friday in the Fall/Winter and and are closed during devotionals and university holidays. We are located in 1175 JFSB. Making an appointment guarantees that we will be able to help you. However, if you are more than five minutes late to your appointment, you forfeit your appointment to walk-in students. While we do accept walk-ins, if you do not make an appointment, we cannot guarantee we will be able to help you.

Who are the advisors in the FHSS Writing Lab?

The advisors in the FHSS Writing Lab are undergraduate students from a wide variety of disciplines within the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences. They have been chosen as staff members based on their writing experience and tutoring skills. Each advisor has an individual approach, but all have the same goal to help students better understand and enjoy the writing process. For more information about our current advisors, click here.

At what stage in the writing process should I come in?

Our advisors are happy to help students at any stage in the writing process. We can brainstorm ideas, help you create an outline, or look over a draft.

I am required to meet with an advisor in the FHSS Writing Lab for a class. How will my professor know I came in?

After going over your paper with one of our advisors for at least 15 minutes, you will be asked if you need evidence of your appointment. We will have you fill out an online checkout survey that will send an email to your professor confirming that you came in.

How much does it cost to use the Writing Lab?

Nothing. Writing Lab services are free.​​​​​

Can the Lab help multilingual students?

We are happy to assist all students with global writing issues and assignment-specific requirements. Our advisors cannot provide ESL-specific grammar help or proofreading, although we can help with basic grammar issues and mechanics. The University Writing Center may be a better resource for non-native English speaking students needing grammar help.

Is it okay for me to bring take-home exams to the Writing Lab?

For take-home exams, some instructors specify whether you may or may not bring your work to the Writing Lab. If this issue is not explicitly addressed in the syllabus, check with your professor before bringing your exam to the Writing Lab. Since your instructor will be informed that you have been here, it is your responsibility to get his or her approval before coming to the Writing Lab.

I have some suggestions for improving Writing Lab services. Where can I send them?

Please email us with any suggestions. We welcome your feedback.​​

Are there handouts to help me with specific writing issues?​​

Handouts from the Writing Lab are intended to help students and faculty produce professional writing. The handouts are created by the Writing Lab student advisors.​ ​See the Handouts tab above.​​​