Our Writing Advisors

The advisors in the FHSS Writing Lab are undergraduate students from a wide variety of disciplines within the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences. They have been chosen as staff members based on their writing experience and tutoring skills. Each advisor has an individual approach, but all have the same goal: to help students better understand and enjoy the writing process.

Current Advisors 

Rebecca Cass (Cincinnati, OH) is a political science major with minors in nonprofit management and civic engagement who loves singing, reading, watching movies, and photography. She would love to work in Washington, D.C., with an international nonprofit organization, though she doesn't have one in mind. She is terribly afraid of the dark and E.T., and one of her biggest fears is that a roommate will hide a picture of him in her closet one night. The highest item on her bucket list is to go whale watching in Alaska. You get to see whales and Alaska-who wouldn't want to do that?


Nikole Lemmon (Bluebell, Utah) is a family studies junior with a love of running, basketball, hiking and being in the outdoors. In her spare time you could find her laughing with friends or family, exploring tunes on the piano or violin, or making any type of breakfast food. In the future, Nikole dreams of graduating with a Master's degree in something, rocking the "soccer mom" lifestyle, and mounting the Great Wall of China!


Kirstie Stanger (Orem, UT) is a sociology major and english minor.  She takes time to read LDS nonfiction, historical fiction, and sociology topic related books by her favorite author Malcolm Gladwell. When she’s not reading, she will be found watching her favorite comedy TV shows, and every four years is notorious for never leaving the couch during every Summer Olympic event.


Morgan Tingey (Torrance, California) is a ​psychology major who loves traveling, writing, and painting. Her favorite place on Earth is a tiny island near Venice where the houses are painted vibrant colors. Watching scary movies with friends that somehow lead to deep philosophical discussions is a regular weekend activity. She aspires to be a lawyer and to own a teacup pig. 


Spencer Waters (Fairfax, Virginia) is pursuing a double major in neuroscience and psychology.  He is a die-hard Beatles fan whose ultimate life goal is to travel back in time and attend the Woodstock Festival of '69. While waiting for the day when time travel becomes a reality, Spencer spends his free time going on long drives, playing the piano, and re-watching Breaking Bad. He hopes to go to graduate school and pursue research in the field of psychopharmacology.


Marc Wein (Richmond, Virginia) is a history major who loves reading, traveling, salsa dancing, and learning about peoples and cultures from around the world. He loves Shakespeare and the poetic works of Lord Byron, and got to follow in his footsteps this past summer while studying at Cambridge University. Future plans include teaching internationally, mastering several foreign languages, and writing books by a palm tree on a Caribbean beach.