IMG_7613.jpgLocation:  1049 JFSB
Email:  fhss-writinglab@byu.edu

Winter 2015 Hours:
Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm
Closed for University Devotional
on Tuesdays from 10:45 am - 12 pm

What is the FHSS Writing Lab?
The FHSS Writing Lab provides free writing help for students within the BYU College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences.

Who works at the Lab?
Our advisors are friendly undergraduate students studying a variety of social science disciplines. They have extensive writing experience and training in teaching writing skills.

I'm a student in the FHSS college. How can the Lab help me?
We offer individual, face-to-face sessions to help you become a better writer. We will focus on global aspects of writing, such as thesis construction, organization, transitions, idea development, logical coherence, style, and argument clarity. We welcome writers with papers at any stage in the writing process.

How can I get an appointment?
You are welcome to walk-in or you can schedule an appointment online.